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Juni 12, 2010

Now I will tell something about the OIL-SPILL in Gulf of Mexico.

It is a PROBLEM with this HOLE. The OIL is coming out, and very much.

Therefore I have thought much about it. And I have bought me a CAD Program, so I can make DRAWINGS for SOLUTIONS of  CLOSING this hole.

So at first I was making Drawings about how to close the Pipeline on the „flor“(which is is now cut“) Have made about 3 drawings for that. It is normally logical and mechanical solutions.

Then they have cut of the Pipe above the Well-Head.

So I had to make Drawings for how to connect something on this place.  The big problem is the very high pressure from the oil. At first you have to bend this problem. You have to connect a sort of closing mechanism.         In my drawings you will se how it works. You need about 4 ROVS to put      it on the WELL-HEAD and close it there.  Thee ROVS can do this work.

The have to open an lock for 2 springs  and then wind  2 screws.               After that, they have to move a very big screw about 40 cm. Than they have to wind this screw about 40 cm.                                                                         Then they will close a BLOWOUT PREVENTER on the top of everything. That is „all“

After this procedure, you can stopp the OIL-FLOW or you can further lead the OIL to a ship.

It is easy. But it is not easy to find the people who understand something of it and will use it.

Here my drawings.

Hilden, Germany 12 Juni 2010

Leif Heimerby